Salting/preserving fresh fish


Gut and clean the fish.

Cut off the head and slice through the bottom (from head to tail) and allow it to bleed.  Cut the fish open, remove its guts and debone it.

Cut the meat into the desired portions, leaving the skin on (I prefer lengthwise)

Sprinkle a layer of salt over the bottom of a non-reactive* container.

Lay fish pieces in a single layer, skin side down, do not overlap.

Cover the fish with a salt layer.

Weigh down the fish by placing dishes or a small board over the top salt layer and placing weights on top of platform.

Wait until the salt has sucked the moisture from the fish (this takes anywhere from 10 to 20-plus days, add more salt if need it) also this process takes longer in cold weather and with thicker pieces of fish, while warm weather and small fish will accelerate the salt curing.

Wash the fish pieces thoroughly. Arrange them in a single layer and put a board or plate over top. Weigh down the surface with weights or soup cans.

Leave the fish for several hours. This step dries the fish following the washing.

Lay the fish outdoors over for ventilation in a sunny location.

Allow the fish to dry for several days in a moisture-free environment to completely dry.

*Non-Reactive Pan:  When a recipe calls for a non-reactive cookware, use clay, enamel, glass, plastic, or stainless steel.

How to use salted fish…

Soak salted fish in fresh water overnight. Change the water at least once during this time. The soaking removes the salt; the longer the fish is soaked, the more salt is removed. After the fish has been soaked, it can be used in any way that fresh fish is used.


How to Air Dry Fish…

Dry the fish in the sun and in the air. Usually fish are dried outside in an area that is exposed to sun and wind and is very clean.



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