Looking back…

Life in Cuba was a challenge nevertheless; having to improvise, compromise and be constantly creative became part of our daily routine and an interesting way of learning too… about ourselves as a couple and our willpower to move forward.



Our first experiences sailing were in a 25 foot Hungarian build and government owned sailboat, Balaton (I believe it was named after Lake Balaton).

We spent one week sailing around the untouched cays off of Varadero… it was heaven for us. We were part of a flotilla of about 7 sailboats each with a captain and a “mother ship”, a ferrocement boat that provided us (at a cost) with breakfast, dinner, and beers-unlimited, lunch was on us, and of course we had an endless supply of fish, lobster, crabs and whatever else we could catch.


Inside the cays

We fell in love with “everything”, the small sailboat, the heeling, the fishing, the freedom of exploring, the solitude, the sunrises, sunsets and starry nights. You name it, we loved it and we couldn’t wait for summer to come each year to take this awesome week away from civilization. Sadly due to the lack of maintenance, spare parts and care, our beloved Balaton was put out of commission 😦 but we did find another way to get to the cays, after all we only needed a boat, right?…Well that is not that easy in Cuba, but with the right connections it could be. One of our acquaintances agreed to take a group of us (after all government permissions were issued) to one of the inhabited cays, where he would drop us off and pick us up. We spent 10 magical days (they forgot about us since this was supposed to be a 7 day adventure causing us to ration the drinking water for the last 3 days) camping out and living off the land and sea.


On the lead

Another summer the same acquaintance took us to an even further cay called Galindo. This was a special place with a rustic shack, a small military bunker and a well of fresh water. He also left us a small row boat, which we used to explore between the mangroves and the small island just 50 metres across from us.

Living like this was paradise!Coconuts

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