How did we leave Cuba? 

What are our plans?

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  1. Hey Guy’s,

    Found your site looking for Ontario 32 information and was happy to see you two are in the process of doing what I am just starting to do do.
    I am purchasing an Ontario 32 for refit and launch April 15 with the intent of having a cruiser heading South in August……

    I too am on Lake O and currently sail out of 50 Point…..great Marina but I’ll be at Hamilton this April for this simple reason , it’s located right next to a great chandlery….Brewers.

    I would like to re-power from the enemic Yanmar and was wondering why Vetus was the Diesel of choice for you and what was the final cost for this logical upgrade. Seems the only dealer is out east or do you know of someone in the GTA I could contact

    It seems from what I’ve seen on your site, we are on the same page for the refit essentials and niceties.

    I would love to hear back and will have a lot more questions……….i would also like to come over in the Spring to see intuition!!!



    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the nice comments.
      We can certainly help you with the questions. In fact we did the same thing when we bought ours and visited the owners of Veleda IV (http://www.veledaiv.ca) when they were in town a few years back. We got tons of good advice since they have taken their Ontario all the way to the Black Sea and back.
      We will try to answer the questions from your message and you are certainly welcome you to drop by in the spring.
      Before I get into the repowering I have to tell you that we are members of the Ontario Boat Builders Club, which buys for all its members at a substantial discount from several large chandleries. The owner of the club is Peter Hager (647-381-3454), very knowledgeable and helpful friend. The club also has a meet and swap twice a year where if you are lucky you can find treasures for next to nothing.
      We repowered with a Vetus because they have a great global network of dealers (I heard lately they were purchased by Yanmar) and the great deal we got. We were looking to either rebuild our A4 (gasoline, not happy about it) or buy a new diesel engine when Peter heard from one of his suppliers of a new showroom Vetus M3.28 engine which was perfect for us ($5000), we jumped at the opportunity once we verified it would fit our engine room. To install the engine we spent approximately another $800 since we upgraded the water intake and exhaust system and retrofitted the gas tank with a return line for the diesel. Rebuilding the A4 would have been maybe a bit cheaper (not sure based on our research) but in the end we would still have an old engine that also needed retrofitting for the cooling system.
      This is our 5th year with the boat and we are not done yet but depending on how many upgrades the previous owner did to your future boat your timeline may be OK, although in all honesty it seems too little time.
      Please do not hesitate to send us your questions we are very happy to pass alone the knowledge we have gained.
      Hector & Lenka



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