Two different reactions same wishes …

I wCubaas not going to write about the recent events happening in Cuba because this is a happy sailing blog about freedom and accomplishing dreams. However questions are being asked and my answer (Lenka) is the same as the famous line from Gone with the Wind “Franklymy dear, I don’t give a damn”. He has been dead to me since I left Cuba and got away from his oppression. Although I understand the gratification of his death for those that were forced to leave everything behind, the ones that went to prison for speaking their mind and all those who have waited for the death of the bastard that took everything from them to fulfill his crazy hallucination of communism.

I (Hector) on the other hand am happy this chapter is closed. With Castro’s era almost gone, my hope is that Cuba transitions into a democratic, fair and inclusive society where all Cubans can be free to choose their destiny and accomplish their dreams. As painful as democracy can be at times it is infinitely better than any dictatorship.

To the question of “What is going to happen now?” We have no response, but we hope and wish for a better future for all.

Peace and love!images (1)


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