Our first international crossing…and our first encounter with stormy weather…

DSCF3727We finally have all the necessary documents to sail to any US port.

For no particular reason we decided to sail to Olcott, NY. So on August 1, 2015 and after 8h of a bumpy sail through up to 3m waves, we arrived at Newfane Marina in Olcott, NY.DSCF3730

We cleared customs via video phone and were assigned a slip. Originally we planned to stay 2 days, given that it was a long weekend in Canada. After a close look at the weather for Monday (our scheduled return day) the forecast anticipated strong winds in the 40’s, thus Sunday’s forecast looked like a better choice to sail back.

We left Olcott, NY at 2pm and our estimated arrival at Port Credit was at 10pm. We started with a reefed main and genoa, but the winds were gusting too strong, the waves increased as well. We decided to take down the main and sail only the genoa, still making around 6 knots with violent ups and downs due to the waves, not fun at all. Half way the winds started to shift and the waves subsided making it a more comfortable sail.DSCF3747

By the time we could clearly see the shoreline of Ontario, it did not look pretty. The lightening and rain were visible. We were optimistic to think that the storm would pass by the time we were nearby and the first one did but around 9:45pm (we were only 6 miles away from Port Credit), our VHF radio alarm went on. Environment Canada had issued a severe thunderstorm warning for all southern Ontario. What to do? We were so close. Well, we really had no other choice than to keep on going. We could not take shelter anywhere, running back was not an option either since there was no way we could outrun the storm. So with a small portion of the genoa out and the engine on we continued on motor sailing.DSCF3798

We could see all the lightening going inland, it was a beautiful show never-the-less, but in the darkness it was hard to see where the storm was moving.  The lightening approached until we saw it right on top of us, and just when we thought it had passed, we were hit with a strong gust of wind. We quickly picked up our already handkerchief off a genoa and in that instant the shoreline vanished from sight. The rain came down heavy and blinding. The winds were so strong that we lost steering for a short time while Intuition V was being blown sideways. Just like that it was gone, as fast as it came.

The shoreline reappeared, the air became warm and we looked at each other with astonishment of what had just happened!DSC_0042

We are exceptionally thrilled the way Intuition V performed, reassuring us how amazing she is and taking us home unharmed and proud. Plus, to top our amazement everything inside was dry as a bone. After all the waves splashing and rain pouring we were the only ones wet.

We arrived at 12 midnight, reported to Canadian Customs immediately and went to sleep.

What a trip that was! We can now say that we survived a squall!


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