New Propeller Installation…

The new PDSCF1218ropeller arrived and now it’s installation time. We have two options, haul out (expensive) or dive under (freezing water). Since Hector is a certified diver (who is used to warm waters) he insisted in giving it a try.

We need shallow water (Bay or beach), no waves and preferably a super-hot day. It may be a lot to ask for, but we are patient.DSCF1219

Saturday turned out to be a great day for sailing and with wind from the east, the entire shoreline was rough.  Sunday morning looked perfect, there was no wind and the lake was flat. We motored to the closest beach and we tried to get as close as possible to the beach. When we touched the bottom, we quickly turned and try to maneuver ourselves out but unfortunately our ruder also touched the bottom and caused the attachment (aluminium) to the tiller to crack. The steering was off until Hector repositioned the ruder and tightened it, but now we had to be careful. We tried get off and it was impossible, so Hector swam with the anchor out to deeper waters to set it and we decided then to proceed with the plan and change the propeller in the hope that it will give us more power and it will be easier to get off. Hector dove in while I was in the cockpit passing him the tools he needed and shortly after he was done! Amazing! We now have a new propeller and definitely more power.DSCF1223

DSCF1222Once all was done we were still aground and couldn’t free ourselves. We called for help on channel 16 and the Canadian Coast Guard Radio put out a call to any power boater in the area, but no one came. Fortunately a Sea-Doo approached the beach (unaware of our call) and he was able to free us to deeper waters. Thank you!

What an adventure that was! We can say this now but of course nerves were at its highest the entire time.

The wind started to pick up and regrettably we couldn’t sail because we did not want to put any strain in the tiller/rudder attachment but thankfully we made it safely to our dock.DSCF1202




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     /  July 2, 2014

    Increible ver al Nene nadando en esas aguas que supongo esten frias-frias.

    No es agradable ver por todo lo que pasaron, pero en los terminos de mi Fe, les puedo
    decir que estan cosas no pasan en vano. Hay un plan de Dios que los esta preparando
    para algo mucho mejor. No desmayen y pidanle que les de fuerzas para esas pruebas y
    El los sorprendera.

    Cuando conocemos la Naturaleza de nuestro Padre Celestial entendemos que tiene para
    Nosotros un plan de bienestar y no de calamidad.
    Las dificultades en la vida no son mas que pruebas que tenemos que pasar para alcanzar
    metas superiores.

    Bueno, entonces ya estan casi listos para en un tiempo razonable preparar la Aventura Florida.

    Cuidense y les queremos mucho, Los Abuelitos de Miami


    • Gracias, despues de todo fue una cosa buena, era un punto debil que no sabiamos que estaba ahi y que en cualquier momento se podia romper, ahora lo hacemos nuevo y tambien llevamos otro de repuesto. Besos, que no nos rendimos.



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