Our first sail of 2014…

OnDSCF1172 our first time on the water we had little wind but plenty of sunshine so we decided to enjoy it.

The next day had completely different weather conditions. It was cold with gusty winds anDSCF1182d we even heeled 20 degrees at times.  We had to complete the dynamic rig tuning (the first one we did while on the dock and without the sails). Sailing down to Toronto we passed by Pathfinder a tall ship adventure for youth and they were all up on every mast and bum doing their tasks.

We also needed to perform a series of tests on our new engine as suggested by the manufacturer in order to submit the warranty papers. At the end we concluded that we need a bigger propeller. Our little A4 propeller does the job but, at times we need to move faster, especially on gusty days when leaving and returning to the dock can become very tricky. I have to admit it’s nerve-raking for me.

We researched all the propeller options, folding, fix, feathering, two blades and 3 blades. They all had pros, cons and lots of suggestions and opinions were taken into consideration too. After some serious brainstorming we pick the one that we are confident will be theDSCF1192 best for us and our travels. We opted for the Campbell Sailer West By North EnterprisesDSCF1194. It’s a fixed 3 blade propeller designed to substantially reduced drag under sail.

Stay tuned for the installation it may be pretty unusual.knot18

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