Operation engine…to replace or not to replace…

DSCN4816This is turning out to be a difficult decision, too many variables and choices, and not to mention the expenses of it, and it’s not only limited to the engine, it involves a propeller, a fuel tank, and the work involved.??????????

Currently Intuition has an A4 working fine (so we think), and since neither of us is an engine mechanic our judgment is limited to “yes it takes us out of the marina” and “yes it brings us back”. If that were the extent of our travels of course there is no need to replace it now or maybe ever.

Since our future plans involve more extensive travels we are not sure of the condition of our A4, (we are the 4th owners) and how well it will work for long periods of time. Even though we do regular maintenance like changing the oil, adding a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank, pressure testing, changing the spark plugs and winterizing it, it doesn’t really take much work to keep it running and always starts without a glitch.DSCN4835

To completely be sure, we removed the engine from Intuition and took it home to inspect it or sell it, depending of what we decide to do. Hector made a real size model of one of the future engine to see how it would fit.

DSCN4837Hopefully we’ll have an answer by the Toronto Boat Show. Wish us luck!


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